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about_imgimg3.jpg Ours was a dream and we made it a reality! Our main aim is to give you inspirational places for you to stay, eat, play, relax and do business- just the way you want. Allow yourself to embrace the unexpected and choose any of our 3 facilities: Hotel 23, The White Palace or Ronberry

Our Story

Today’s traveller is conscientious and needs much more than the conventional luxury. We are defining our own market place; we are young, agile and flexible enough and poised to respond to this new market. We are changing the definition of luxury with our brand, and as a new brand, we will not be drawn into a competitive battle of identical commodities.

Our values

  • Sense of discovery: We strive to always be one step ahead and to retain our unique marketing position by
    continuously searching beyond the confines of our industry for insight and inspiration.
  • Individuality: We strive to be individualistic in our way of doing business
  • Business Savvy: We are business focused and grounded.
  • Generosity: We are committed to the local community and focused on social responsibility.